Sculpture court in Albert Institute, Dundee, in 1906 (c) Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee

About us

Welcome to our resources for people creating, using and caring for replicas:

Replicas and originals often sit between places, collections and sectors, and are subject to inconsistent, different and divergent practices, which may include inertia and invisibility. We seek to change this.

So, this is the place for joined-up thinking about and working with replicas, particularly analogue replicas, informed by current ideas about authenticity, value and significance.

Gallery images (credit not photo order): © Louisa Campbell; © Sally Foster; photographer Arthur Macgregor and photographer Murdo MacKenzie, © courtesy of Historic Environment Scotland (J R Scott Collection); © courtesy of HES (early photographs of sculptured stones); © Siân Jones; Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee; © Rod McCullagh; © Museum of Classical Archaeology, University of Cambridge; © Doug Simpson, by kind permission National Museums Scotland; © National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden; © University of St Andrews. Contact us if you need details of copyright holder for a specific image in the gallery above.

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